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We grow global forestry assets with a primary focus on wood harvesting, lumber-processing, marketing and sales and provision of timber and lumber products from forests outside China for the growing wood deficit in China. Greenheart Group is a responsible and sustainable forestry company and we operate in order to grow and maximize the value that we provide to all our employees, customers and other shareholders. We are listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong under stock code 0094.


Greenheart Group has various interests in and operates and manages approximately 365,442 hectares of hardwood forest concessions in Suriname, South America. Learn more about Suriname hardwood>>


Greenheart Group is the owner of the Mangakahia Forest in New Zealand, an area of approximately 13,000 hectares of freehold land that is stocked in high quality radiata pine. Mangakahia is located in the second largest plantation region in New Zealand (Northland). The Northland region has some of the highest growth rates in the country as a result of favorable climate, fertile soil and year-round rainfall. Radiata pine is characterized by its high density and stiffness and our high-value sawlogs are sold to local and export customers for manufacturing industrial, structural and appearance grade wood products. Learn more about New Zealand and softwood>>


Greenheart is well positioned to benefit from the increasing prices from China and other Asian markets as demand for New Zealand radiata pine and South American hardwoods increase. Wood consumption around the world has also increased dramatically and is expected to generate an increasing wood deficit. Learn more about key markets>>










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