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Greenheart's Opportunity

Greenheart acquires, manages and operates sustainable and profitable forestry assets outside China in order to serve the growing wood deficit in China and other markets around the world as demand and price dictate.

New Zealand Softwood Plantation Forest
Suriname Natural Forest

China's Growth

Over 350 million people expected to migrate from rural to urban areas from 2005 to 2025.  China’s New 12th Five Year Plan focuses on bridging the gap between rural and urban residents.The UN estimates that China will have nearly 350 cities by 2025, with over 100 new cities to be constructed in the next 15 years.This has led to an increase in demand for new housing, construction of new housing and wood related products. The Ministry of Housing & Urban Development in China announced that it would build 15.4 million apartments to accomodate 7.5 million low-income familes by 2012 and therefore significantly increased the demand for timber and wood products.
Growth in China's Urban Population
Growth in China's Cities

Market Demand and Opportunity

China's domestic fiber demand, including non-industrial applications such as rural housing, mining, agriculture and fuel wood is currently estimated to be approximately 350 million - 400 million cubic meters per year. According to the National Plan for Conservation and Utilization of Forest Land (2010-2020), total wood fibre demand is expected to increase to 457-477 million cubic meters by 2020, fuelled predominantly by the ramp-up in urbanization.  China’s imbalance with its domestic demand and supply has led to a significant reliance on imported logs. As China continues to look for sustainable wood supplies from outside China for China, Greenheart Group is able to leverage its international asset base, experience to operate a fully integrated supply chain, based on market demand.

       China's Demand for Timber
                               Total Wood Deficit




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