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Status of Forest Management 

ITTO: Status of Forest Management - Suriname

A comprehensive assessment of tropical forest from the ITTO reports a 50 percent increase in area of tropical forest under sustainable management in the last 5 years. The key drivers of this increase - growing demand for certified timber and funding for climate change initiatives. The key findings of this report for Suriname can be downloaded here.

4 Stage Forest Management System - Click here to learn more about the system.
Stage 1. Survey of the harvest area - Aerial surveying and topographical images are used to analyze forest vegetation
Stage 2. Area Survey - Strategic planning and mapping minimize damage to the forest 
Stage 3. Planning of the harvest activities - 1. Block demarcation and inventory 2. Tree selection 3. Flagging of skid trails 
Stage 4. Harvest Activities - Directional felling and extraction.



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