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Reduced Impact Harvesting

1. Area Survey
Greenheart's accurate planning and precise execution is key to sustainable harvesting in natural hardwood concessions. Greenheart surveys the harvest area and determine forest vegetation classification from satellite photos and it allows our forest managers to find areas of productive forest. Topographical images also allow our forest managers to visualize terrain, analyze forest cover and quantify ecological properties of the forest.

2. Planning
Planning and mapping of the main roads through the concessions are Keys to minimize damage to the forest while achieving the highest efficiency and precise execution is required for sustainable harvesting in natural hardwood concessions.

3. Pre-harvest
Greenheart's use of highly technological software along with advanced heavy equipments minimized damage to the forest vegetation during harvesting.

4. Harvest
Forest is mapped and each tree is individually inspected and selectively marked. Greenheart harvests selected trees using directional felling techniques which minimizes damage to the surrounding trees and forest vegetation. Felled trees are dragged out using winches and surrounding trees are not damaged.


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